Thursday, July 31, 2014


You may have noticed that many of the posts that used to be here have disappeared. The posts are not gone, I've just decided to split this blog into several because it covered too many subjects to keep it coherent. I tend not to stick to one subject for too long, but if I try to write about everything in one blog then posts that ought to be together end up getting split up or orphaned.

So now I have a blog about health and permaculture, a blog about politics and economics, and a blog about engineering, which I never actually got to write anything about here.  All of the posts related to permaculture have already been moved, however for politics and economics I intend to rewrite a lot of that differently, although I will probably re-incorporate a few of the posts that were here, eventually.

From now on this blog will be dedicated exclusively to psychology, philosophy and spirituality. I've mostly cleaned out the other off-topic posts, but I intend to make a few other changes to reflect that fact in the near future, and hopefully start posting more in general now that the organization is less restrictive.

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