Tuesday, November 6, 2012


In the modern developed world everyone is expected to live the same way. Go to school, do everything the teacher tells you to do, go to college, get a degree, get a job, get married, have kids, retire and then vegetate in a retirement home on your kids' money until the Alzheimer's finishes eating your brain. You learn that authorities are always right, that obedience and loyalty are the most important values, and that everything is a competition and if you "aren't good enough" then you'll never succeed (but if you try too hard then you're a loser).

Additionally, you're expected to dedicate your life to an employer who will treat you as disposable in return, to dedicate your life to a spouse who may also treat you as disposable in return, to present the appearance that everything in your life is always perfect, and to obsess over money and things and to show them off to everyone else (or be a loser). Whether or not you're actually happy is irrelevant; success is all about making someone else jealous, however you manage to accomplish that (which is why idols and movie stars are considered to be important people in modern culture).

Of course, nobody is happy in the modern developed world because of this. They may convince themselves that they are, citing other people's jealousy as 'evidence', but ultimately that amounts to piss in the wind at the end of the day. Jealousy is an ugly emotion and happiness could never possibly result from it. Nor can happiness be bought with money or favors or popularity.

On the other hand, you're basically left with three choices. The first is to take drugs and try and forget that you're unhappy. The second is to go to a psychiatrist and get prescribed drugs to forget that you're unhappy. The third is to join a cult where you're told to "believe and pray" and pretend that you're not unhappy. Of course, there is also suicide or "going postal", but for most people those are not particularly acceptable answers.

And so our society is filled with racism, sexism, religious hatred, violence, war, government plundering and meaningless garbage (such as the entire city of Las Vegas). This has happened because we do not understand ourselves, and because we do not really try to understand ourselves (it's easier just to pretend and then blame others for your own shortcomings, after all). A person who doesn't understand themselves not only can't be happy, they also can't be free, yet every human is born free and with the capacity and desire to be happy.

This blog is dedicated to exploring psychology, philosophy and spirituality, without dogma or fluffy "let's all just love each other" bullshit, for the purpose of helping people to become freer and happier in their daily lives through better understanding themselves and others, because human civilization cannot continue to survive and develop when most "adults" in society have the emotional maturity of a tantrum-throwing five-year-old.

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